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Subject: advice
Comments: I live in Springfield, Missouri Zone 6 It is in the Southwest part of the state, about an hour north of Arkansas and an hour east of Kansas. I have an Acer griseum x nikoense in my front yard north side, although it gets very little summer shade. It does get autumn morning and evening shade. It is a relatively young tree about 15 feet tall with a trunk caliper of about 1 1/2 inches. I am not getting the red fall colors that I am supposed to. I usually get a brown like that of many oak species. I have had it two seasons now. This year I did get some color. But, not much. It started out somewhat yellow with a brown verigation. Yellow on the inside. Brown on the margins. As I inspected the leaflets closer, I could see tints of red in most of the leafs. I wanted to know what my problem is. I believe it comes from the soil being too alkaline. But, I saw several of the standard A.griseum at Utah State University a few years ago. Their soils up there reach into the pHs of the 8s. And, the fall color was a brilliant red. Do you have any ideas Thank you.


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