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Common Name: Chinese Parasol Tree      Latin Name: Firmiana simplex      Size: 30 (min) to 45 (max)
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I noticed a couple of the parasol trees, medium sized, last visit to Cincinnati Zoo and also saw several 3-4 footers grouped in a new planting. I was drawn by the unusual bark particularly. Any place around Cincy selling these
Ive been noticing those as well. Theres one growing up against a food service building opposite the train station one by a viewing stand for one of the rhinos Indian, and one along the walking path at the elephant complex overlooking towards the duck pond. These are all taller specimens and as mentioned above, theres several new smaller ones planted between the elephant area and the boardwalk bordering the pond. I picked up several of its little brown seeds today 2-13-11, they are about an 1/8 and round, light brown, hard and lightly wrinkled. From what I read about its potential for being invasive, at least down south, they shouldnt be too hard to sprout. I also read thats only hardy to about a Z7, but these Cincy Zoo trees evidently have not been keeping current on those stats, so probably a tougher cultivar or just has inherent variability with some seedlings taking lower temps. But no, I havent seen them sold locally, just via websites.
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Firmiana simplex
Origin: e. Asia
Maximum Height: 45 feet

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Category: Tree
Family: Sterculiaceae
Genus: Firmiana
species: simplex
Origin: e. Asia
Size: 30 (min) to 45 (max)
Size Description: Medium tree
Sustainability:star ratingstar ratingFair
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Plant Images and Specimens
Location: Riverbanks Zoo and Garden 500 Wildlife Parkway Columbia SC 29210
GPS location of this plant [Latitude: 34.009254480000000 Longitude: -81.074948560000000] Specimen: 3056
Location: Brookgreen Garden South Carolina
GPS location of this plant [Latitude: 33.519509790000000 Longitude: -79.098264760000000] Specimen: 8075
Firmiana simplex plantplacesimage20150808_161740.jpg
Location: Brookgreen Garden South Carolina

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