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Common Name Latin Name Size (minimum to maximum feet)
Ficus 'Chicago Hardy
small leaved fig Ficus aff. obliqua
Ficus altissima
mosaic fig Ficus aspera parcelli
Moreton Bay Fig Ficus australis
Baileys Fig Ficus baileyana
Banyan Tree Indian Banyan Ficus benghalensus
Native fig, Ili Ficus brachypoda
Burkes Fig Ficus burkei
fig or vijg Ficus carica
fig or vijg Ficus carica Green Ischia
fig Ficus carica var. rupestris
Ficus clusiifolia
Ficus dammaropsis
Rubber Tree Ficus elastica Tineke
Burmese banyan Ficus kurzii
Ficus maclellandii
Moreton Bay Fig Ficus macrophylla
Strangler Fig Ficus matapalo 16 feet to 100 feet
Photo of Genus=Ficus&Species=matapalo&Common=Strangler Fig&Cultivar=
Ficus maxima 16 feet to 100 feet
Photo of Genus=Ficus&Species=maxima&Common=&Cultivar=
Indian Laurel Ficus microcarpa
Golden Indian Laurel Ficus microcarpa Gold
Hills Weeping Fig Ficus microcarpa var. hillii
Ficus nitida
Ficus nitida
small leaved fig Ficus obliqua
Ficus platypodus
Ficus polita
Laurel de la India Ficus retusa
ficus a feulles rousses Ficus rubiginosa
Da lam vo Ficus rumphii
Ficus sansibarica
deciduous fig Ficus superba henneana
White fig Ficus virens
Vogels fig, West African rubber tree Ficus vogelii
strangling fig Ficus watkinsia

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