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Common Name: Chinese Pistache      Latin Name: Pistacia chinensis      Size: 30 (min) to 35 (max)
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It is possible to grow Pistache in Northern Kentucky. The Zoo has several specimens that have gone as low as negative 24 degrees. Try BZAK landscape. Ask for Dave.Steve
can I grow this in Northern Kentucky. I dont care if it stays small or grows slowly.
The last place I saw a Pistache was at BZAK in Newtown. They had one left. The best time to get one may be when the weather cools.
Im considering planting a chinese pistache tree, and wondering if theyre readily available and if so, where.Thanks
That may be a tough one. You can find these down south but rarely this far north although it seems to do well here. I have seen this at BZAK in Cincinnati in the past. Try there.Let me know if you do not find one.Steve
Plant Facts
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Pistacia chinensis
Origin: China
Maximum Height: 35 feet

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Category: Tree
Family: Anacardiaceae
Genus: Pistacia
species: chinensis
Origin: China
Size: 30 (min) to 35 (max)
Size Description: Medium tree
Characteristics: star rating Recommended star rating Dry Soil Tolerant
Availability:star ratingstar ratingLimited Availability
Sustainability:star ratingstar ratingstar ratingGood
Full Sun Tolerance:star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingPerforms WellSee other plants that like full sun.
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Plant Images and Specimens
Picture of
Fall Color
Location: Mt. Airy Arboretum, Cincinnati
Age: Young
Planted By: Cincinnati Parks
Photo Credit: R. Scott Beuerlein
Season: Fall
Picture of
Fall color
Location: Cincinnati Zoo
Photo Credit: Steve Foltz
Season: Fall
Picture of
Foliage in fall color
Location: Cincinnati Zoo
Photo Credit: Steve Foltz
Season: Fall
Picture of
Trunk detail
Location: Cincinnati Zoo
Photo Credit: Steve Foltz
Season: Fall
Location: Seneca Gardens 2402 Valletta Seneca Gardens KY
Specimen: 387
Location: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens 3400 Vine Street Cincinnati OH 45220 [Latitude: 39.146176266666700 Longitude: -84.508266533333300] Specimen: 1378
Location: Riverbanks Zoo and Garden 500 Wildlife Parkway Columbia SC 29210 [Latitude: 34.008720210000000 Longitude: -81.072126850000000] Specimen: 3072
Location: Charleston Charleston SC [Latitude: 32.780730180000000 Longitude: -79.931605870000000] Specimen: 3096
Location: Gardens by the Bay Singapore [Latitude: 1.282798750000000 Longitude: 103.863427690000000] Specimen: 6365
Pistacia chinensis plantplacesimage20150108_133931.jpg
Location: Singapore

Location: Brookgreen Garden South Carolina [Latitude: 33.520298910000000 Longitude: -79.093909580000000] Specimen: 8030
Pistacia chinensis plantplacesimage20150808_142440.jpg
Location: Brookgreen Garden South Carolina

Location: Gardens by the Bay Singapore [Latitude: 1.282673600000000 Longitude: 103.863386800000000] Specimen: 11556
Pistacia chinensis plantplacesimage20181219_111620.jpg
December 2018
Location: Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Location: Gardens by the Bay Singapore [Latitude: 1.282831700000000 Longitude: 103.863499700000000] Specimen: 11557
Pistacia chinensis plantplacesimage20181219_111719.jpg
December 2018
Location: Gardens by the Bay Singapore

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