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Common Name: Butterfly Weed      Latin Name: Asclepias tuberosa      Size: 0 (min) to 0 (max)
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Plant Facts
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Asclepias tuberosa

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Category: Perennial
Genus: Asclepias
species: tuberosa
Size: 0 (min) to 0 (max)
Size Description:
Foliage: Alternate and lanceolate or oblong. Sessile or very short petioles. Color may be green or gray-blue
Flowers: Umbels that are usually orange but some varieties are pink or yellow
Culture: Full sun, dry soil
Pests and problems: Slower to emerge in the spring than many herbaceous ornamental perennials
Growth habit, uses: Short mound that looks nice in perennial borders, or used for cut flowers or dried flowers. Attracts butterflies and is an important source for Monarch butterfly larvae. Sap is acrid and poisonous, and the butterfly larvae that feed on them are toxic to predators such as birds.
Related species and cultivars: ‘Gay butterflies’ is a selection that was bred for red and yellow, however, most of the flowers are orange. A. incarnata, Swamp milkweed, is 3 feet tall with 3- to 6-inch leaves and white, creamy yellow or mauve flowers; great for back of a sunny border or near a pond.
Note: A few species have become weedy in warmer regions.
Notes courtesy of Sue Trusty.
Characteristics: star rating Recommended star rating Dry Soil Tolerant star rating Native star rating Rain Garden
Availability:star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingGood Availabilty
Deer Resistance: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingGood ResistanceSee plants that are deer resistant.
Full Sun Tolerance:star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingPerforms WellSee other plants that like full sun.
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Bloom history: (Recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio, unless otherwise noted)7/4/2011 until 7/15/2011 See other plants that bloom at this time.
Plant Images and Specimens
Picture of Asclepias tuberosa  Butterfly Weed
Photo Credit: Steve Foltz

Picture of Asclepias tuberosa  Butterfly Weed
Location: Cincinnati Zoo
Photo Credit: Scott Beuerlein

Location: Coyote Ct, Mason Coyote ct Mason OH
Specimen: 117
Asclepias tuberosa Asclepias_tuberosa_close.JPG
Asclepias tuberosa
Age: 2008
Planted By: Sue Trusty
Photo Credit: Brandan Jones
Season: Mid summer 2008
Asclepias tuberosa Asclepias_tuberosa_flower.JPG
Asclepias tuberosa
Age: 2008
Planted By: Sue Trusty
Photo Credit: Brandan Jones
Season: Mid summer 2008
Asclepias tuberosa Asclepias_tuberosa_side.JPG
Asclepias tuberosa
Age: 2008
Planted By: Sue Trusty
Photo Credit: Brandan Jones
Season: Mid summer 2008
Asclepias tuberosa Asclepias_tuberosa_top.JPG
Asclepias tuberosa
Age: 2008
Planted By: Sue Trusty
Photo Credit: Brandan Jones
Season: Mid summer 2008
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden 11030 East Blvd Cleveland OH 44106 [Latitude: 41.512429383333300 Longitude: -81.611057800000000] Specimen: 2907
Location: Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France [Latitude: 48.843482766666700 Longitude: 2.359517433333330] Specimen: 4332
Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden 900 Washington Avenue Brooklyn NY 11225 [Latitude: 40.669278030000000 Longitude: -73.965570250000000] Specimen: 5987
Location: Queens Botanical Garden [Latitude: 40.751160880000000 Longitude: -73.827576220000000] Specimen: 7267
Location: Geneva, Switzerland [Latitude: 46.224544630000000 Longitude: 6.146956830000000] Specimen: 9100
Asclepias tuberosa plantplacesimage20161120_141239.jpg
Jardin Botanique Geneva, November 2016
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

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