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Common Name: Boxelder      Latin Name: Acer negundo      Size: 25 (min) to 40 (max)
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Plant Facts
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Acer negundo
Maximum Height: 40 feet

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Category: Tree
Genus: Acer
species: negundo
Size: 25 (min) to 40 (max)
Size Description:
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Plant Images and Specimens
Location: Jardin Botanique de la VIlle de Nice 78 Corniche Fleurie, 06000 Nice, France [Latitude: 43.685569550000000 Longitude: 7.209716360000000] Specimen: 5521
Acer negundo plantplacesimage20141011_130511.jpg
Location: jardin botanique, Nice, France

Location: Dublin, Ireland [Latitude: 53.374118600000000 Longitude: -6.275908350000000] Specimen: 7959
Location: Prauge Botanic Garden - Botanicka Zahrada Praha [Latitude: 50.118590520000000 Longitude: 14.415086290000000] Specimen: 8684
Acer negundo plantplacesimage20160813_161706.jpg
Location: Prauge Botanic Garden - Botanicka Zahrada Praha

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Birdwood Avenue [Latitude: -37.828947950000000 Longitude: 144.984411360000000] Specimen: 9921
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