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Subject: Laciniata
Comments: i think i might have seen 1 or 2 of these i think one was growing by the road here in Indiana and then the other one was growing along the bike trail but these ones i saw looks pretty young maybe 2 or 3 years old i noticed them because i never seen them before around here til now but they wont last long here not with all the deer. the deer ruined my smooth sumac because each time it would grow new little leaves they would eat them right off and even the stems so i wont be growing anymore smooth sumac im going to try and grow some staghorn sumac now from seed now all i have to do now is wait for a few years for the seeds to crack open.and sens this plant of yours has the more fern looking leaves does that make it more related to the poison sumac or ivy than the staghorn sumac and other ok to eat sumacs i wonder, and the seed cone looks more compact then on the smooth sumac on smooth sumac the seed cone branches stick out a bit more on the seed head and alot less compact and i was wondering do these plants/shrubs ever cross or mix some how.


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