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Subject: I am interested in all pink plants
Comments: I would like to know about all pink plants suitable for the Cincinnati area. I live in Blue Ash. I like both Perennials and Annuals. I do not like Ornamentals or Grasses,I know there are not any pink ones anyway,of any kind except green lawn grass. I am also interested in different flowering evergreen scrubs. I have 2 Holly Bushes, but wish to add more color. We compost and live a very green life as far as donating, shredding, repurposing,recycling, composting,etc. Wish to get rain barrels when we can afford them. We rent, so solar panels would be difficult. Usually have Veggie Garden, but spent too much time in the Hosp these last few years. Hope things will be better for fall, so we can plant. Any advice/pictures, etc would be greatly appreciated. I have a DROID 3 with Google from Verizon in case you need that info. Also have all Adobe, Quick Office, etc, so can dowload all links. Thank you in advance for any assistance you might give me in this matter. Also any websites pertaining to the above would also be helpful, esp with discounted prices as we are both disabled seniors with Council on Aging/Passport and Sos. Sec. Disability/Medicare/Medicaid. We do not have much, but do miss not having our garden and all the beautiful flowers. We actually won The Blue Ash Yard Beautification 2 xs before we lost our home. Those were wonderful memories. Havent been to the Zoo in several years and am amazedhow Green and self-sustaining you have become. Thank you for setting such a great example for the rest of The World. Would love to see all the advances, but do not quite have the money or the strength right now as just got out of the Hosp again. Would love to visit again when both the above improve. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Judith and Carl Walz


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